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Our experiment stations

eRcane’s aim is to select sugarcane varieties which are suited to the diverse agro-climatic conditions found in the sugarcane growing areas of Reunion Island.
To achieve this, eRcane has six selection stations ((La Mare in Ste-Marie, Saint-Benoît, Saint-Philippe, Etang-Salé, Vue Belle in La-Saline-Les-Hauts and Menciol in Saint-André). The selection scheme is carried out in all these stations. eRcane also has a seventh selection station, le Gol, in Saint-Louis, where the varieties identified in the “1 row” stage at the Etang Salé station are selected to identify those which are tolerant to hydric stress.
This multi-local selection strategy, adopted in the 1980s, is very fruitful and the number of new elite varieties will continue to grow in the coming years.
The varied climatic conditions prevailing in Reunion Island enable eRcane’s plant breeders to propose a wide range of cane varieties that can also perform well in many other sugarcane producing countries.

  • Download details of Le Baril station in St-Philippe
  • Download details of La Mare station in Sainte-Marie
  • Download details of Beaufonds station in Saint-Benoît
  • Download details of l' Etang-Salé station
  • Download details of Vue Belle station in La-Saline-les-Hauts
  • Download details of Menciol station in Saint-André
  • Download details of Gol station in Saint-Louis