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eRcane varieties:

  • R 584 : irrigated areas on the south-west coast.
  • R 583 : dry non-irrigated high areas on the leeward coast.
  • R 582 : irrigated coastal areas in east and west.
  • R 581 : non-irrigated south-west region, moderate altitude (300m or more).
  • R 579 : humid or irrigated coastal regions (mid to end of season sugarcane).
  • R 577 : west and south of island, from 400 to 700 m (mid season sugarcane).
  • R 575 : all areas (early season sugarcane).
  • R 573 : rich soil areas (early season sugarcane).
  • R 570 : all areas except at heights exceeding 550 m in the west and the south or exceeding 300 m in the east.

eRcane’s Stations:

  • Download details of Le Baril station in Saint-Philippe.
  • Download details of La Mare station in Sainte-Marie.
  • Download details of Beaufonds station in Saint-Benoît.
  • Download details of du Gol station in Etang-Salé.
  • Download details of Vue Belle station in La-Saline-les-Hauts.
  • Download details of Menciol station in Saint-André.

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