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1929 to date

1929 : Donald d’Emmerez de Charmoy (1906-1979). Founder and first director of the Station d’Essais until his retirement in 1974. On the strength of his international renown, CERF was able to exchange the best sugarcane varieties with other hybridization stations around the world.


1974 : Émile Boyer de la Giroday (1930-1990). A chemical engineer, known as a modest, warm person, he was actively involved in many decision-making bodies in the world of agriculture (Crédit Agricole, SAFER [land development and rural property agency], Sucreries de Bourbon). He initiated the Modernisation Plans for the Sugar Industry and staunchly advocated programmes to develop the sector. Émile Boyer de la Giroday was the first to work on sugarcane selection in Reunion Island and created the island’s most famous variety, R570.

1991 : Michel Hoarau. An agricultural engineer, pathologist and former agriculture manager for Sucreries de Bourbon and CIRAD, he was very close to Émile Boyer de la Giroday. He was also director of the CFCS (sugarcane and sugar centre), which pools the competencies of CIRAD, the sugar industry, CERF and the growers.


1995 : Jacques Marquette.

1996 : Michel Hellmann. Oenologist and engineer (ISTOM), he joined CERF in 1978 as a plant breeder, after working in sugarcane in Africa and Madagascar. He founded Canne Progrès in 1985 and was also President of ARTAS (Reunion association for the development of technology for agriculture and the sugar industry).


2006 to date : Bernard Siegmund. Engineer (ISTOM), former manager of the sugarcane centre and head of the ‘sugarcane systems’ research unit at CIRAD in Reunion Island. He is also President of ARTAS.