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Until 1995 : the Station d’Essai de la Bretagne experiment station was run by the Reunion Island Sugar Producers’ Union (S.F.S.). The President of the S.F.S. was also Chairman of the CERF economic interest group.

1908 : Robert Le Coat de K/Veguen – Creation of the Reunion Island Sugar Producers' Union. President.


1927 à 1943 : Anatole Hugot (1869-1946).


1943 to 1958 : Armand Barau (senior).

1958 à 1962 : Henri Morange.    

1962 to 1989 : Armand Barau (1921-1989). An agricultural engineer, managing director of the Société Adrien Bellier (Bois-Rouge), he was also a keen ornithologist and author of the first in-depth study of Reunion Island’s birds. During his time as Chairman, with his new director E.B. de La Giroday, the Station d’Essai became CERF. They built up the industrial research division (automation and chemical process control). After an audit by Hawaiian breeders in 1985, CERF set up new selection stations covering all the island’s growing conditions.

1990 to 1995 : Maxime Rivière (1921-1995). A Supélec engineer and war hero, he revived the Quartier-Français group as its Chairman and Managing Director. Renowned in the profession, he devised a number of inspired innovations in sugar technology, which are recognized throughout the world.


1995 to 2006 : Separate Chairmanships. Guy Dupont, Chairman and Managing Director of the Bois Rouge sugar mill, was Chairman of CERF. Xavier Thiéblin, Chairman and Managing Director of the Quartier Français group, was President of the Sugar Producers' Union. During their terms of office, the establishments’ economic influence went well beyond the island and CERF opened up considerably to the international scene.

2006 to 2011 : Jean-François MOSER made a significant contribution to the Bois-Rouge industrial plants’ development strategy from 1998 onwards. At the same time, he worked for six years in the negotiations on the CMO for sugar, as general delegate of the Reunion Island Sugar Producers' Union.

In 2006, he was appointed Chairman and Managing Director of the Bois-Rouge sugar mill and of Eurocanne. In the same year, he also took over from Guy Dupont as Chairman of CERF.

Chairman in 2011 : Alain DETAPPE. A farmer’s son, he trained as an agricultural engineer in Beauvais and did voluntary service in agriculture in the Central African Republic. He then joined the SDA group as consultant on agriculture. Before moving to Reunion Island, he managed the beet and agriculture departments for the group’s 9 sugar mills and 12 cooperatives. He is Agriculture Manager for Tereos, Indian Ocean.

Vice Chairman in 2011 : Jean-Claude PONY:  Industrial Manager for Tereos, Indian Ocean.