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La vie d'eRcane

Trail des Anglais

On the last Sunday in February, eRcane took part in the Trail des Anglais, a 27 km mountain trail race with a 1,500 m difference in altitude. Thomas, proudly sporting his eRcane cap, proved his youthfulness by finishing in 3 hours 41 mins.

Arnaud suffered a bit more, clocking in at 4 hours 2 mins and Daniel took a pleasant Sunday stroll and arrived after 4 hours 37 mins.

Our 3 runners finished 223rd, 337th and 540th respectively out of 950 participants and would like to thank all those who came to cheer them along.

Trainee in Biological Engineering

As part of his studies for a technical university diploma (DUT) in biological engineering at the Institut Universitaire et Technologique in Reunion Island, Arnaud Ainé began a one-month work experience placement in the Sugar Processing and Industrial Innovations Department on 22 December 2010.

Tutored by Dr William Hoareau and Emma Caderby, his mission consists in extracting potentially interesting molecules from molasses produced by the island’s two sugar mills during the 2010 season.

A new technician

Mr Gaël MOREL, a country-born senior technician, joined eRcane’s agronomy department on 06 December 2010.
As a technician, his task will be to support Jean-Pierre DIORFLAR, head of the Etang-Salé, Le Gol and St Philippe selection stations, and also to work in eRcane's other stations around the island.
All the staff at eRcane are pleased to welcome him aboard and wish him all the best in his new job. His email address is : more l@

Automation training for CSS

Department of Automation ercan received training for two weeks a young engineer Senegalese Sugar Company. The training focused on the digital system used in this candy freelance booming. The topics covered were automation applications directly related to the official regulation will achieve for the next harvest due to start mid November. The Director Ercan has hand-delivered the training certificate to a student who is among the best we received.

Daniel in the Grand Raid 2010

Like other years, our colleague Daniel Marion participated in the 18th edition of the Grand Raid 2010. He traveled the 162 km in 64h 10 mins and was ranked 29th in its category.

We wish to salute her courage through these few pictures. Daniel Bravo and congratulations.


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